Coming Soon

Cubic Technology always strives to bring the newest products and technologies in the 3D printing industry to the Australian market. We have scheduled the launch dates for the following new products.

3D Filaments

Silk PLA New Colours - Copper - September 2019

eSun eTwinkling Glitter PLA - October 2019

eSun Rainbow Multi-Colour Silk PLA - October 2019

eSun ePA-GF Glass Fibre Nylon Filament - October 2019

3D Printers

iSun LCD Resin 3D Printer - September 2019


PrintDry Vacuum Filament Storage Box - September 2019

PrintDry Filament Dryer - September 2019

eSun General Purpose Resin for LCD Printer - More Colours - September 2019

eSun Hard and Tough Resin for LCD Printer - September 2019

eSun Bio-Based Resin for LCD Printer - October 2019